JPEL's History   

                              1969                    Founded R&D and production of the following equipment;
                                                                    *Resist Coater/Developer.
                                                                    *Epitaxial Grouth System.
                                                                    *Medical electoronic equipment.

                              1976                    Production start for LP-CVD model VDR-500.

                              1980                    Production start for PE-CVD model VDS-2010.

                              1981                    Production start for the first domestically-made
                                                              mass production model PE-CVD VDS-5000.

                              1982                    Production start for in-line type PE-CVD model VDS-6000.

                              1984                    Production start for PE-CVD model VDS-7000,  which is
                                                              high-throughput model of VDS-6000.

                              1986                    Production start for VDS-5500/5600, succeeding model of VDS-5000.

                              1990                    Production star for Liquid Source CVD model MRS-2000 series.

                              1991                    Production start for Rapid Thermal type CVD model MRS-5000 series.

                              1994                    Production start for Multi Chamber type PE-CVD model VDS-5800DU.

                              2000                    Production start for Single Chamber type PE-CVD model VDS-5800SN.

                              2004                    Production start for compact size PE-CVD model VDS-5800SNC.

                              2007                    Production start for production type PE-CVD model VDS-5900
                                                              applicable to 300mm wafer size.

                              2008                    Development start for PE-CVD system for anti-reflective coating film
                                                              used for Solar Cell.

                              2010                    Development & production start for an additional model of VDS-5800 series.

                              2012                    Production start for PE-CVD model SJP-3000, production model for Solar Cell
                                                              Development & production start for PE-CVD model VDS-5700,
                                                              suitable to mass production of LED and R&D of power devices.